UT AgResearch announces 2014 field day schedule

University of Tennessee AgResearch is planning a full calendar of field days for 2014. A total of 12 field days and five special events will take place at UT AgResearch and Education Centers across the state, providing visitors a chance to see agricultural research trials in action, speak with university experts and network with industry professionals.

The landscape of Tennessee agriculture is varied and extremely diverse, and this is reflected in the topics covered by the AgResearch field days. There are field days for cattle farmers and row crop producers, as well as field days devoted to the production and maintenance of turf grasses, ornamental plants, fruit crops and forestry. Two special events focus on the historical heritage of Tennessee.

Changes to this year’s field day schedule include the timing of the Organic Crops Field Tour. Traditionally held in the spring, the tour will be moved to October 23 in 2014. It will still be held at the East Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center’s Organic Crops Unit in Knoxville.

The 2014 field day season also marks the return of two biennial field days: the Tobacco and Forage Production Field Day and the Milan No-Till Field Day. Held on even-numbered years, the Tobacco and Forage Production Field Day takes place on Thursday, July 17, at the UT AgResearch and Education Center at Greeneville. The Milan No-Till Field Day occurs one week later on July 24 at the UT AgResearch and Education Center at Milan.

The complete AgResearch field day/special events schedule is as follows:

Field Days

Fruits of the Backyard ““ June 17, Middle Tennessee AgResearch Center (Spring Hill)
Tobacco, Beef and More ““ June 26, Highland Rim AgResearch Center (Springfield)
Summer Celebration ““ July 10, West Tennessee AgResearch Center (Jackson)
Tobacco and Forage Production ““ July 17, Greeneville AgResearch Center
Milan No-Till ““ July 24, Milan AgResearch Center
Steak and Potatoes ““ August 5, Plateau AgResearch Center (Crossville)
Cotton Tour ““ September 3, West Tennessee AgResearch Center (Jackson)
Turf and Ornamental ““ September 11, East Tennessee AgResearch Center ““ Plant Sciences Unit (Knoxville)
Pumpkin ““ September 25, West Tennessee AgResearch Center (Jackson)
Northeast Tennessee Beef Expo ““ October 9, Greeneville AgResearch Center
Woods and Wildlife ““ October 15, Forest Resources AgResearch Center ““ Oak Ridge Forest (Oak Ridge)
Organic Crops Field Tour ““ October 23, East Tennessee AgResearch Center ““ Organic Crops Unit (Knoxville)

Special Events

Blooms Days ““ May 10-11, UT Gardens, Knoxville
Summer Color ““ June 24, UT Gardens, Knoxville
Fall Gardeners’ Festival ““ August 26, Plateau AgResearch Center (Crossville)
Heritage Festival ““ October 11, Ames Plantation AgResearch Center (Grand Junction)
Fall Folklore Jamboree ““ October 18, Milan AgResearch Center

All field days and special events are open to the public, and most are free.

More detailed information about each event will be available closer to the scheduled time. Check the website http://ag.tennessee.edu to learn more. You can also visit each individual AgResearch and Education Center’s homepage or call their main offices for details. Center addresses and phone numbers can be found online at this URL: http://taes.tennessee.edu/centers/

UT AgResearch, a unit of the UT Institute of Agriculture, operates 10 outdoor laboratories at strategic climate and topographic locations throughout the state. In addition to its agricultural research programs, the UT Institute of Agriculture also provides instruction, research and public service through the UT College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, the UT College of Veterinary Medicine and UT Extension offices in every county in the state.



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