Cell Tower Referral Program

Tennessee Farm Bureau has formed a partnership to assist member landowners who may have interest in leasing a portion of their property for construction of a cell tower. Our partner company builds and owns towers for wireless communications. Below are frequently asked questions about this process as well as program details.

If I sign up, am I obligated to have a cell phone tower constructed on my property? Absolutely not. Signing up for your name and property to be placed in the database only indicates that you are interested.

If I sign up, will I get a cell tower on my property? Signing up puts your property in the database to be proactively marketed. If the wireless companies have a need for a cell tower in your area, your property becomes a prime candidate. This increases the opportunity for your property to be chosen as a suitable location.

What is the length of the lease and payment amount to me? If your property is chosen as a suitable site for constructing a tower, you will receive a one-time signing bonus of $375 and monthly payments starting at $750 for 30 years. After the first year, the payments will increase by 2% annually.

Is $750 / month the absolute best deal in the market? $750 is a competitive rate. It would be impossible to definitively say that a person could not receive higher compensation from another cell tower company. Lease prices are contingent upon many variables including location, the amount of tenant rent the wireless carriers pay in a geographic area, and the total amount of projected revenue that can be derived on each tower. The rate of $750 was calculated by evaluating today’s starting lease rates from across Tennessee.

How much space is needed for a cell tower? The typical size of a cell tower site is 60’ x 60’.

Who is responsible for constructing and maintaining the road to the tower and other infrastructure? The tower company is 100% responsible for the road, fencing, electricity, insurance, maintenance, etc.

If there is a zoning issue, who is responsible for working through the approval process with local government? The tower company is 100% responsible for any and all zoning, legal approvals, or disputes.

If chosen for a cell tower on my property, will I have input on the location of the tower? Absolutely. As the landowner, you have 100% input on the location. There are considerations such as access, power, elevation, etc. that are necessary for construction but if those cannot be satisfied to your approval, the tower company will respectfully move on to the next suitable landowner.

What does a tower company get out of the deal? A list of landowner properties allows them to present our members to the wireless community as pre-qualified candidates for cell towers. This eliminates the time and cost of searching for a landowner that is willing for them to construct a tower on their property. Having multiple properties already identified as suitable candidates allows them to deliver solutions faster to their customers.

What does Tennessee Farm Bureau get out of the deal? Farmers and landowners have asked for years how to get a cell tower on their property. This is our opportunity to connect you as a landowner to a company that constructs cell phone towers. Next, the need for rural broadband services is vital to rural Tennessee. Anything we can do to expedite that process is a service to rural Tennessee. Finally, TFBF will receive renumeration from the tower company for any tower constructed through members who sign up for this partnership. Those funds will be used to cover any administrative or marketing costs and the remainder will be used to support youth technology activities and the expansion of broadband in rural Tennessee.

What type of property is best suited for a tower? Towers are constructed in rural areas and in cities so all properties are considered opportunities.

Is this a limited time offer? TFBF entered the partnership with the intent of a long-term relationship. You may provide your information at any time.

What information is needed to participate? Your contact information and the addresses of your property or properties that you would like to submit. If you do not have the address, you can provide the nearest intersection of two roads along with the city.

What happens at the end of the 30-year lease? The lease provides holdover language that the lease may continue on a month-to- month basis at the then escalated amount.

How do I sign up? Complete the online form below!