TN Young Farmer and Rancher Handbook

  • The Tennessee Farm Bureau is pleased to provide this Reference Handbook to all interested Young Farmers and Ranchers…included are details of YF&R activities that are available for Tennessee’s young farmers and your families.

Handbook Downloads (large pdf files)

Table of Contents and Section 1– Calendar and yearly update
Section 2 – County level information
Section 3 – District, state and national programs
Section 4 – Recognition
Section 5 – Organization

2017 Young Farmers State Committee Officers


Hunter Grills, Dyer Co.

Vice Chair

Matt Niswander, Lawrence Co.

                                          District Representatives

District 1
Rob Holman

District 1
Micayla Giffin

District 2
Laura Purtle

District 3
Tracy Robinson

District 3
Sarah Land

District 4
Jessica Lance

District 4
Matthew McClanahan

District 5
Charles Zavels

District 5
Hannah Malone