TN 4-H Congress

Event Dates: Mar 19 - Mar 22 2017

Event Location: Music City Sheraton – Nashville , TN

Start Time:

Two 4-H senators who are senior Level I 4-H members (9-10th graders) may attend from each county. 4-H representatives, one senior Level I 4-H member representing each 1,700 or major fraction thereof of the total county enrollment and one senior Level I 4-H member for each 60 or major fraction thereof of the total county senior enrollment make up the remaining delegates. Each delegate attending Tennessee 4-H Congress must have an essay prepared on the Congress theme, “Tennessee 4-H: Building Foundations for the Future.” One volunteer leader may attend from each county. Others who may attend include the state 4-H staff, state Extension administrative personnel, Tennessee 4-H Foundation members and county Extension personnel designated by regional UT Extension staff to accompany county groups.


1. To recognize outstanding 4-H’ers and leaders from all Tennessee
2. To provide new opportunities for 4-H’ers and leaders to develop a better understanding of citizenship and see how it relates to daily
3. To offer new and stimulating leadership experiences for 4-H’ers and leaders on a statewide basis.
4. To provide the opportunity for 4-H’ers and leaders to learn how their state government functions.
5. To encourage 4-H’ers and leaders to assume and continue leadership roles in their communities.
6. To provide opportunities for 4-H’ers to develop a greater appreciation of the history and heritage of Tennessee.