Ag in the Classroom Teacher Workshops

Our Ag in the Classroom summer workshops are a one-day, informal training seminar. Our hope is to introduce you to Tennessee agriculture and show you how easy it is to incorporate the information into your existing classroom curriculum, even if you know nothing about it. Agriculture is just that important. Just think about it… we need food, clothing, shelter and fuel to survive, and we can’t have any of it without agriculture. It is this understanding and appreciation we are trying to get across to everyone, especially students.

More reasons you should attend…

  • Attendance is FREE and each participant receives a resource kit with approximately $200 in educational resource material FREE just for attending the workshop. The materials include not only teacher’s manuals, but CDs, DVDs, posters, student materials, maps, lab guides and more.
  • By attending, you will be giving other teachers in your school the chance to obtain AITC materials at no cost. The materials are interdisciplinary, and while they highlight Tennessee agriculture, they also include math, science, social studies, health and nutrition, language arts, music, art and more. All materials are available for preschool through 12th grade, aligning with Tennessee State Standards and TNReady teaching objectives.
  • By using hands-on activities, you will have an opportunity to share, learn and gain new ideas from other teachers.
  • Some school systems even give up to six hours of in-service credit for participating. Check with your administration for more information.