Social Media – National Ag Day

Social media is one of the best ways to spread the word about agriculture and the importance of the industry. Share about National Ag Day using #AgDay21 and a personal story about what agriculture means in your life.

General National Ag Day Example Posts:

  • Agriculture has no doubt been essential since the beginning, but this past year has brought to light that truth. Show your appreciation for those who provide the food, fiber and fuel for all of us on March 23 for #AgDay21.
  • Farmers – the less than 2% of the population who wake up every day and work hard to provide us with food, fiber and fuel. Let’s all spread the word and show our appreciation on March 23 for #AgDay21!
  • Agriculture is essential to everyday life, and we’ve seen the importance of our farmers during the pandemic. Celebrate the individuals dedicated to feeding the world on March 23 for #AgDay21.
  • The past year has no doubt been challenging, but farmers across the country are #StillFarming to provide for the growing world. #AgDay21 is a chance to celebrate them and spread the word about our most important industry on March 23.
  • We are proud to be involved in the agriculture industry and a part of the less than two percent of the population who work daily to provide food for the world. Join us in celebrating farmers on March 23 for #AgDay 21.
  • If you ate today, thank a farmer! Despite the challenges, they are #StillFarming to ensure we have food on our tables and clothes on our backs. Let’s celebrate them on #AgDay21!
  • Thankful for those who wake up before the crack of dawn and call it a day hours past the sun going down. Farmers are the ones ensuring we have the food, fiber and fuel we need, and today – on #AgDay21 – we celebrate them.
  • American agriculture is the foundation of our country. It’s the backbone of a healthy and prosperous nation, made possible by the hard work of America’s farms and farm families. Celebrate them today on #AgDay21!
  • We celebrate American agriculture every day, but especially today on #AgDay21. We rely on farmers every day, and we are grateful for their sacrifice to ensure our wellbeing.
  • Farmers should be celebrated every day, but especially today – #AgDay21. Throughout the past year, they continued to face challenges with optimism and hope and remained dedicated to their work so grocery shelves could be restocked and food could be on folks’ tables. “Thank you” isn’t merely enough.
  • Agriculture is our most important industry and today, on #AgDay21, we celebrate it. Thankful for the less than two percent of the population who spend early mornings and late nights ensuring food is on our tables and clothes are on our backs.
  • #AgDay21 is a chance to showcase those who provide for us daily and more so, the perfect chance to thank a farmer for all they do.

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