COVID-19 Resources

New Report Examines Cattle Market Issues and Solutions

A new report by the American Farm Bureau Federation's Cattle Market Working Group provides an in-depth examination of the causes and price implications resulting from extreme market volatility in the cattle industry.

EPA Denies Petitions for Small Refinery Exemptions

On September 14, 2020, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it is denying petitions for small refinery exemptions for so-called “gap-filling” petitions (gap waivers) for the 2011-18 compliance years.

CCC Replenished in Continuing Resolution

An important feature in the CR is the funding to reimburse the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC). Funds from the CCC support farm programs ranging from conservation to risk management.

Pandemic Results in Record Farm-to-Retail Price Spreads in Beef and Pork

AFBF'S Market Intel series has examined the impact that COVID-19 has had on livestock, beef and pork markets over the course of the pandemic.

Negotiated Cattle Trade

In recent months, there have been many conversations about how cattle are and should be marketed in the United States. Some discussions have focused...

Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling

Farm Bureau has supported country of origin labeling for a variety of agricultural products.  Farm Bureau supported the U.S. Trade Representative’s efforts to defend...

Processor Inspection and Capacity

Capacity Food production has been significantly disrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially at livestock processing facilities, where labor shortages and worker protection measures are slowing...