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Press Release

Celebrating National Ag Day March 23, 2021 

March 23rd is National Ag Day –  a day to celebrate the less than two percent of the population who provide food, fiber and fuel to all of us. Agriculture is no doubt our most important industry and National Ag Day is a chance for us to recognize and show our appreciation for all farmers do.

American agriculture is the foundation of our country. It’s the backbone of a healthy and prosperous nation, made possible by the hard work of America’s farms and farm families. These individuals have been essential since the very beginning, but in 2020, many received a small glimpse of how truly “essential” farmers are as they worked diligently to ensure grocery shelves could be restocked and food could be on our tables. That’s why, this year especially, National Ag Day is celebrated as a chance to honor those who deserve to be praised every day for what they do.

Join the celebration all of “National Ag Week” (March 22-28), but especially Tuesday, March 23rd (National Ag Day) when folks across the country will be celebrating agriculture. Share on social media using #AgDay21, and of course, thank a farmer.

A few additional things to include:

  • Anything specific you are doing to celebrate National Ag Day – events, etc.
  • If possible, a personal story or quote about the meaning of this day to you

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