Celebrating 100 Years of the Tennessee Farm Bureau

Internet, Internet! Wherefore art thou, Broadband Internet?

We have little knowledge when the pandemic will ease, and when our students can return to what was our “normal” so the need for reliable, affordable broadband internet is even more important for the citizens and students of Tennessee.

Chicken Little

Things don’t have to be big to be valuable. I can compliment a stranger. I can take back someone’s shopping cart. I can encourage my farmer husband and might just be the person who makes him laugh and let the stress out for the day. None of those things are big. But, I do think they make a difference in the lives of people I care about and that makes them worth doing.

A Voice for Agriculture

By being active members of the Tennessee Farm Bureau, we can apply that same methodology to tackling issues facing the rural and agricultural community within our own counties, as well as across the Volunteer state.