March 1 Planting Intentions

Farmers in Tennessee intend to plant 840 thousand acres of corn, 80,000 lower than 2014. U.S. corn growers intend to plant 89.2 million acres for all purposes in 2015, down 2 percent from last year and 6 percent lower than 2013. Soybean acreage in Tennessee was expected to total 1.80 million acres, up 160,000 acres from the previous year. U.S. soybean planted area for 2015 is estimated at 84.6 million acres, up 1 percent from last year.

Burley tobacco growers in Tennessee intend to set 14,000 acres for harvest, down 1,500 acres from 2014. For the burley producing States, growers intend to set 93,700 acres, 8 percent below last year. Producers intend to set 7,200 acres of dark-fired tobacco in Tennessee, down 400 acres from the previous year. Acreage set to dark-air tobacco was estimated at 1,200 acres, up 50 acres from 2014.
Winter wheat seeded by Tennessee farmers in the fall of 2014 totaled 470,000 acres, down 60,000 acres from previous year. Seeded acreage for the nation was 40.8 million acres, down 4
percent from 2014. Upland cotton acreage in Tennessee was expected to total 170 thousand acres, down 105,000 acres from the previous year. U.S. all cotton acreage for 2015 is estimated at 9.55 million acres, down 13 percent from last year.
Farmers in the state intend to harvest 1.85 million acres of all hay, up 84,000 from 2014. U.S. farmers intend on harvesting 57.1 million acres of hay in 2015, up slightly from last year. The acreage of all hay harvested during a summer depends to a great measure on the moisture received during the growing season and temperatures experienced. With a drier summer farmers will cut more hay to feed their cattle.