Guidance for Livestock Sales from TN Department of Agriculture

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture has released guidance to livestock markets and farm production sales based upon CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As you go a sale or market, we ask you abide by the suggestions to help ensure these sales can continue to take place. Below are the recommendations, please help and follow instructions as you go to the market.

  • Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between sale staff and customers. 
  • Do not allow people to congregate. 
  • Only allow one bidder per business or family on site. 
  • Prohibit spectators, including children. Consider providing a livestream of the sale for consignors and bidders to watch. 
  • Limit staff to essential people at sale time. 
  • Require buyers to sign in at arrival. 
  • Restrict access to the ring area by locking or staffing entrances. 
  • Ask consignors to drop off livestock and leave the facility. 
  • Offer curbside service for check delivery. 
  • If possible, allow bidding online and/or over the phone. 
  • Regularly disinfect frequently-touched surfaces. 
  • Employees and customers showing signs of illness should stay home. 
  • Communicate and enforce new policies with staff and the public.