Find Farm Fun ““ or Fear! ““ This Fall on Facebook and Twitter

Tennessee’s Pick Tennessee Products website features all sorts of farm fun throughout the fall, including haunted corn mazes, hayrides or trails. Less terrifying activities offered through the site include apple and pumpkin picking, plus statewide directories for farmers markets, festivals and farms selling autumn décor like Indian corn, mums, gourds and cornstalks. The site is now accessible through Facebook and Twitter, allowing social media users to investigate and instigate all sorts of farm related fun.

“Autumn is Tennessee’s time to shine, especially in the country. If you follow Pick Tennessee Products on Twitter, or choose to ‘like’ us on Facebook, we’ll notify you directly what’s going on and where,” says Pamela Bartholomew, state agritourism coordinator with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. “Pick Tennessee Products uses social media now to tell people what their options are down on the farm all fall, as things happen.”

Pick Tennessee Products is the statewide campaign developed by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture to help consumers identify and choose farm products grown or processed in Tennessee.

“Most of the state’s fun farms now have their own websites as well, featuring fall calendars full of options,” says Bartholomew. “They ‘like’ us, then post their special events and opportunities, like school tours, music festivals or the kinds of products they grow for you on their farms. You’ll be linked to all the great farms in your area in no time.”

“Visit and click on our links to Facebook and Twitter,” says Bartholomew. “Join up, then include us in your social circles to help you plan activities with your friends. Before you know it, whether you’re looking for fun or a good scare this fall, it will come looking for you instead of you having to go look for it.”

Visit or call TDA Market Development 615-360-5160 to find farms, farm products, markets and farm-related events and activities.