Farm Bureau Supports State Fair Bill

Farm Bureau Supports State Fair Bill  
(SB3603 Haynes – HB 3208 Womick)


Columbia, TN (April 25, 2012)  – The purpose of SB 3603 is to bring some certainty by establishing a state commission to continue the existence of a Tennessee State Fair. This bill deals only with establishing a state fair commission and authorizing it with the necessary duties and responsibility to ensure the continuation of a Tennessee State Fair. Rest assured our interest is not only in preserving the state fair, but in revitalizing it into a cultural event that makes all TENNESSEANS proud.

It makes complete sense that our state fair should be located in our state capital and the bill gives the state commission the flexibility to negotiate toward that end.

The bill does not address the Nashville Fairgrounds property in any way. It does not sell the fairgrounds property (which is owned by Metro Davidson County) and it does not require the state fair be held on state property only. Further, Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation is on record as stating that currently the Nashville Fairgrounds property is the best location for a state fair. Any report to the contrary is simply erroneous.

The bill does ensure we have a state law creating a commission to keep a state fair. Without this bill the continuation of a Tennessee State Fair at any location would remain at risk.

We thank those who have contacted us and are glad to know that they, like us, want to see the Tennessee State Fair thrive for future generations. We encourage all who want to see a great state fair at the Nashville Fairgrounds to get involved, be a volunteer and demand accountable reporting on this issue.