Farm Animal Care Coalition of Tennessee (FACCT) Seeking Executive Director

Tennessee farmers care.  We care for our animals and we care for the land that supports our agricultural endeavors. Our dedication and stewardship consistently results in animal agriculture being one of Tennessee’s top economic contributors.

The Farm Animal Care Coalition of Tennessee (FACCT) is composed of leading Tennessee agricultural organizations, individual farmers, and others “” all working together to assure the sustainability of the Volunteer State’s diverse animal agriculture community.  

To accomplish this goal, FACCT endeavors to be a reliable resource for the public and farmers regarding humane care, well-being issues, and best management practices for farm animals.

FACCT has a three-point approach to  spreading their message to both  farmers and the general public – talking, teaching, timing.  It’s a  new organization, now proud to announce that adequate funding has been secured to begin the search for an Executive Director.

For more information, or to fill out an application,  go to