2019 Environmental Stewardship Award

The purpose of the Environmental Stewardship Award is to recognize outstanding environmental stewardship efforts of Tennessee young farmers.¬† A second purpose is to increase public awareness of the agricultural community’s commitment to environmental stewardship by publicizing winners’ accomplishments. The program is also an additional incentive for environmental action.

Nominations will be made from Tennessee young farmers who:

  1. Have evaluated the potential environmental effects of practices, structure and conditions on their farm.
  2. Have a plan to deal with significant environmental/conservation problems and opportunities.
  3. Have shown significant progress in implementing their plan over two to four years, or longer.
  4. Are YF&R members and a Farm Bureau member.

Nominations will be typed reports following guidelines prepared by county extension faculty in cooperation with Farm Bureau staff. County nominations will be submitted to the county extension offices by June 1. The county extension offices will mail the applications to Dr. Shawn Hawkins at the University of Tennessee- Knoxville Extension Service by June 15.

Environmental Stewardship Award Application [PDF]