Day of Prayer for Those Affected by Drought

Tomorrow, the American Farm Bureau Federation will be asking Americans all across this nation to take time out and remember those facing severe struggles due to this year’s devastating drought. The Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation is also urging all fellow Tennesseans to give time in prayer remembering those individuals and families facing challenges related to the ongoing drought during this National Day of Prayer for Drought Victims.

“There is hardly a person involved in agriculture this year who has not been adversely affected by the drought of 2012,” said AFBF President Bob Stallman. “And while many farm and ranch families are feeling the effects immediately due to withered crops, parched pastures, higher feed costs, or even wildfires, the lingering effects of this drought will be felt all across our nation for many months to come.”

Tennessee Farm Bureau President Lacy Upchurch also joined the American organization’s president by requesting those within the Volunteer State to unify in prayer for those hurting. He said, “We have always been known in the farming communities of our state as a group of people who come together when times get tough. This year’s drought has called for much unity, compassion and faith in the One above. Let’s take time tomorrow to offer up a prayer for those still fighting the effects of drought in our country today, and for what the future may hold due to on going effects in months ahead, that we all may feel.”