Cicada Central, everything you ever wanted to know about Cicadas…and more!

A website dedicated to all things cicada has been developed…From a Q & A with the bugs themselves, to videos,  even a virtual magazine this is the place to get your questions answered…check out this great resource!  
Here’s an excerpt from the homepage:

“There are several species, or “broods,” of magicicadas ““ periodical cicadas with synchronized life cycles that appear in different regions.

More than 150 species of cicadas around the United States are annual, appearing every year in far smaller numbers than their periodical counterparts.

Brood XIX is the largest brood, geographically speaking, appearing in portions of 15 states in the Southeast and Southern Midwest, from Maryland westward to Oklahoma, and as far south as Mississippi.”

Check out Cicada Central!

You can also check out this resource from the UT Extension service – Periodical Cicadas