Billion-Dollar Agronomy Business Merger

A new $1 billion agronomy business venture is being formed by Agri-AFC, GreenPoint AG, Tennessee Farmers Cooperative. Carrying forward, the business will be named GreenPoint AG and will include all operations of Agri-AFC, LLC’s wholesale and retail business, GreenPoint AG’s retail business, and Tennessee Farmers Cooperative’s wholesale agronomy business.

GreenPoint AG will stretch across 99 retail and wholesale agronomy locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, and Texas. The service area will span 11 crops and 28 million acres adding up to more than $1 billion in sales.

The new GreenPoint AG will be based in Decatur, Alabama, with regional offices in Memphis and LaVergne, Tennessee. It will be owned by three parent companies: Alabama Farmers Cooperative, Tennessee Farmers Cooperative, and WinField United. The newly named CEO of GreenPoint AG will be Jeff Blair, who was most recently president of the plant nutrient group at The Andersons.

Rivers Myres, CEO of Alabama Farmers Cooperative said in a news release, “Even though we are all individually strong, it takes vision and strategic leadership to both remain competitive and to provide exceptional service to our ultimate customer, the American Farmer, and GreenPoint AG will allow for us to do both.”

Bart Krisle, CEO of Tennessee Farmers Cooperative said, “We recognize the rich history of our companies and the pride of ownership that exists amongst our member-owners, and we want to enter this relationship with careful thought and consideration of the impact to our farmer-owners, our customers, our member co-ops and our employees.”

Brett Bruggeman, President of WinField United and Executive Vice President of Land O’Lakes, Inc., said, “This organization is positioned for future growth and will be relevant in the marketplace for years to come. GreenPoint AG will be focused on upstream market access predictability and downstream total agronomy solutions, both driven by our digital omnichannel platform.”