The Tennessee Farm Bureau Public Policy Division publishes policy backgrounders each year based on pertinent topics to prepare members for the policy development process. Farm Bureau policy and the information provided apply to the year in which the backgrounder was produced.

2020 Policy Development Backgrounders

Congressional Responses to COVID-19, Tennessee's Budget, County Government Budgets, Tennessee Criminal Justice Reform, Corn Ethanol Current and Future Status, Dicamba, Investigations Into Meat Packers, Negotiated Cattle Trade, Processor Inspection and Capacity, Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling, Riparian Water Rights and Shelby County Well Drilling Rule, WOTUS Update

2019 Policy Development Backgrounders

Imitation Meat Products, Grain Grading, State Inspected Slaughter Facilities, Lemon Law for Farm Equipment, Homestead Exemption, Proposed State Constitutional Amendment Prohibiting a State Property Tax, Tobacco Age Limit: 18 to 21, Hemp, Medical Marijuana, Raw Milk Cow Share Regulations, UTK/UTIA Unification, Rural Healthcare, Constitutional Carry

2018 Policy Development Backgrounders

Blockchain, County Attempts to Regulate Ag Practices, Deannexation, Water, Online Sales Tax, Lab Grown Meat, Sustainability Projects in the Supply Chain, Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Nurse

2017 Policy Development Backgrounders

Dicamba Resistant Seed Technology, Tennessee Corn Check – Off Program, State Implementation of the FSMA Produce Safety Rule, Animal Disease Traceability, Mississippi vs. Tennessee Water Lawsuit, State Invasive Species Fund, Right to Repair, Coyotes, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation Permits, Milk Unfair Trade Practices

2016 Policy Development Backgrounders

Veterinary Feed Directive, 2014 Farm Bill, Hunting Hogs with Dogs, Farm Lease Agreements, Property Tax Boundaries, Agribusiness Mergers, Tennessee Nutrient Reduction Strategy, Retail Meat Sales

2015 Policy Development Backgrounders

Avian Influenza, Corn Check-off, Fuel Tax Increase, In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students, Long Term Funding of Extension and Agriculture Research, Rural Internet Services, Tennessee Nutrient Reduction Strategy, Weight Limits on Country Roads

2014 Policy Development Backgrounders

Agricultural Promotion Board Structure, Crude Oil and Natural Gas Severance Tax, Food Deserts, Grain Checkoff, Growth Management, Natural Gas Infrastructure, Pollinator Awareness, Privacy or Right to Know, Regional FFA Coordinators

2013 Policy Development Backgrounders

Annexation, Drones in Agriculture, Farm Equipment Safety on Roadways, Farm Lease, Fracking, Greenbelt, Irrigation, Livestock Protection Act

2012 Policy Development Backgrounders

Property Rights Collide with Second Amendment Rights, Aflatoxin Testing for Crop Insurance, Port Infrastructure, Futures Market, Pre-Harvest Food Safety, Animal Disease Traceability, Retail Agriculture, Sales Tax on Internet Sales

2011 Policy Development Backgrounders

Corporate Contributions Now Allowed in Tennessee, Funding Infrastructure Projects, Tax Reform, Antibiotics, Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) – Early Out, Futures Contract Regulation, Food Traceability