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Black Vulture Permits

Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation (TFBF) Board of Directors has obtained a statewide depredation permit for black vultures from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). TFBF will issue sub-permits to livestock producers who are experiencing problems with black vultures.

Hay Directory & Information

Extensive information about the availability of hay for sale can be found in the Tennessee Farm Bureau hay directory.

Agriculture Websites & Resources

Agriculture Websites & Links American Farm Bureau Federation Census for Agriculture USDA USDA Risk Management Agency TN Department of Agriculture United States Department of Labor Tennessee Department of Labor Tennessee's Natural Resources...

Commodity Committees

Learn about the different commodity committees in Tennessee for Soybeans, Nursery Crops, Beef, Fruits & Vegetables, Livestock, Tobacco, Wheat & Feed Grains, Cotton, Natural Resources, Equine, Forestry and Poultry.