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Ditching the Waters of the U.S.

American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall was able to witness President Trump to eliminate the Waters of the U.S. rule.

TN Young Leaders Conference a Success

The Tennessee Council of Cooperatives recently held their annual Young Leaders Conference and Drew McClanahan from Humphreys County was a first time attendee.

Advocating for Ag

Farmers from Tennessee and across the country recently let their voices be heard during the American Farm Bureau’s Advocacy Conference in the nation’s capitol.

Improving our Roads and Bridges

For farmers and ranchers across Tennessee perhaps nothings more important than good, safe roads for their families and also their jobs.

The Impact from Bird Flu Hits Tenn. Poultry

State officials addressed the media after the first ever case of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) was detected in a broiler breeder house in...

Ag Support from DC

Farm leaders from across the state recently attended the American Farm Bureau’s Advocacy Conference in Washington to learn more about the issues affecting our...

Low Path Avian Influenza Detected in Giles Co.

State officials have now confirmed low pathogenic avian influenza in a broiler breeder flock in Giles County.

Disease Mutations Hard to Track and Control

It would be a lot easier to protect people and poultry from flu viruses if those viruses weren’t changing all the time.

Ag Day Celebrations

Today is Ag Day on the Hill as a celebration of Tennessee’s agricultural industry is being held at the state capitol to showcase to...

Ag Day on the Hill

Tennessee’s Legislative Plaza in Nashville was transformed into all things about agriculture as hundreds of farmers and industry representatives put on a showcase of...

Dealing with the Hard Freeze

Tennessee farmers are very concerned over the past two days hard freezes on crops like strawberries and peaches.

Second HPAI Case Detected in Lincoln County

State and federal officials say on Tuesday samples were tested and have been confirmed showing a second case of highly pathogenic H7N9 avian influenza...

Poultry Producers Urged to Step-up Biosecurity

In light of recent avian influenza outbreaks here in Tennessee, animal health officials are urging poultry producers to beef up biosecurity.

Tennessee 4-H Congress

A unique experience for Tennessee 4-H’ers this week at the state capitol in Nashville for their 70th annual 4-H Congress.

A Break with the Bureau

This about 400 Farm Bureau leaders from all across the state were on Capitol hill in Nashville to meet with state lawmakers on priority...

Confirmation Hearing for Sonny Perdue

It’s taken some time, but finally former Georgia Governor and farmer Sonny Perdue was in front of Senate members of the Agriculture Committee for...

Blue Jackets Invade Gatlinburg

This week over 3000 FFA members and guests are once again back in Gatlinburg for their annual convention, something the residents and business owners...

Tennessee FFA Convention

Around 3000 FFA members and guests are in Gatlinburg for their 89th annual convention.  This is the first trip for Jason Smith, a member...

Tennessee FFA Convention

Lots of hard work and dedication paying off for FFA members in Gatlinburg at their 89th annual convention as several of the top awards...

New FFA Leadership

At the close of the 89th Tennessee FFA Convention, 8 new state officers were selected and installed for 2017-2018.

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