Monthly Archives: January 2017

Ready for Service

Tennessee’s LT. Governor and Speaker of the Senate Randy McNally is now presiding over the 110th Tenn. General Assembly.

Getting Served

Gov. Bill Haslam as announced the Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Act as part of his legislative package he will send to the Tenn. General Assembly.

YF&R Events

Listing of events for Tennessee Farm Bureau's Young Farmers & Ranchers.

Farm Bureau Continues Push to End Death Tax

Farmers and ranchers here in Tennessee and across the country have been urging Congress to put an end to the Death Tax.

Water Usage and Conservation on the Farm

New water management survey going out from UT Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics to about 5000 row crop producers in middle and west Tennessee.

Learning soft skills with 4-H and NASA

A new program sponsored by NASA and 4-H combines STEM based education and life skill development, whether on Earth or in space.

Growing Bio Plastics

Knoxville-based start-up company, Grow Bio Plastics didn’t win the Farm Bureau Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge this year, but it was a great opportunity to show...

AFBF Sets Path for Farm Bill Recommendations

Now with President Trump and Congress in place, Farm Bureau leaders will be pushing the debate for what needs to be included in a...

Trump Completes Cabinet with Perdue

Positive reactions from the farm community over the selection of Sonny Perdue to be the next Secretary of Agriculture.

Advocating Ag through Music Videos

The Peterson Farm Brothers of Kansas have been a shot in the arm for bringing attention to agriculture through their popular youtube videos.

TFBF praises President-elect Trump’s nomination of Perdue as secretary of ag.

Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation praises President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue as secretary of agriculture. “Gov. Perdue has a lifetime background in agriculture, having grown up on a farm. He has a degree as a veterinarian and has owned many agribusinesses. I think it is encouraging to know we will have someone leading USDA who understands the concerns of the agriculture community,” said Tennessee Farm Bureau President Jeff Aiken.

Challenges for Row Crop Farmers

Dr. Pat Westhoff, Director of the Food and Ag Policy Research Instititute at the University of Missouri, gave a not so encouraging outlook for...

Engaging Consumers

During a break-out session at the American Farm Bureau annual meeting, farmers learned how to better engage consumers to share the ag story.

American Farm Bureau Convention 2017

The 2017 American Farm Bureau Convention was held in Phoenix, Arizona and Tennessee Farm Bureau took tours to Sedona, the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam on the return trip home.

Ditch the Rule for Good

Farm leaders attending the American Farm Bureau annual meeting are calling on Congress and the new Trump Administration to put an end to EPA’s...

Farm Leaders Proud of Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau leaders attending the American Farm Bureau annual meeting talk about why they are Farm Bureau Proud.  

Setting Policy for Farmers

Farmers from across the country have finished their business session at the American Farm Bureau Convention in Phoenix.

Tennessee Young Farmers Shine

Young farmer Matt Niswander of Lawrence County was named the winner of the American Farm Bureau’s Young Farmer and Rqancher Discussion Meet during the...

Tennessee Young Farmers Win National Honors

During the 98th Annual Meeting of the American Farm Bureau Federation in Phoenix, Arizona the Tennessee Young Farmers & Ranchers took home honors in...

98th American Farm Bureau Convention

The American Farm Bureau 98th Annual Meeting is underway in Phoenix, AZ and quite a crowd of farm leaders from Tennessee joining the estimated...

Cold Cattle

We all know its cold and many of us take extra precautions with our pets, and that’s not says farmers don’t do anything for...

Survey Says

When it comes to taking surveys, many of us are reluctant, but we all want to know the results.  That’s why it’s important for...

What Farmers will Plant in 2017

Just barely into the new year and farmers and analysts are already looking ahead to figure out possible plans for spring planting.

Major Ag Policy Discussions Coming in 2017

The American Farm Bureau Federation anticipates major agricultural policy discussions in 2017. Micheal Clements has more.

U.S. Ag Export Value Could Rise in 2017

Will an even stronger dollar pull the value of U.S. agricultural exports down in 2017? USDA’S Gary Crawford has the story.