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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Devastating Wildfires in Sevier County

The wildfires in East Tennessee have taken their toll, at least three lives lost in Sevier County where Gov. Bill Haslam called it the...

Keep It Real

It is the most wonderful time of the year, and it couldn’t be better without a real Christmas tree.

Expanding Impacts of the Drought

The Southeastern drought is increasing farmers’ concerns about water supplies, pastures, wildfire activity and threats to crops.

Biofuel Supporters thankful for EPA Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency has made biofuels supporters thankful this holiday by raising its Renewable Fuels Standard volume requirements for 2017.

Thankful Farmers

Celebrating Thanksgiving on the farm is no doubt special for farmers across Tennessee.

Thankful Farmers

With the Thanksgiving season, it seemed right to go to the farm and talk about what there is to be thankful for this year.

Direct Impact

Despite the direct financial impact the drought is having on Grundy County’s Steve Ahearn’s cattle operation, he’s still thankful he has the opportunity to...

TSU Ag Continues to Grow

You might not think there’s a lot of interest in agriculture in downtown Nashville, but that’s far from the truth at Tennessee State University’s...


Celina Farm Bureau Insurance 808 E. Lake Avenue Celina, TN 38551-4226 931/243-3181 (phone) 931/243-4411 (fax) President: Jeffrey Clements Vice President: Reyes Rich Secretary: Melissa Brannon Farm Bureau Women Chair: Carla Rich Agency Manager:...

Thanksgiving Dinner Costs Less This Year

Each year the American Farm Bureau releases a survey on how much a Thanksgiving meal costs…and this year that price has gone down compared...

Turkey Producers Have Something to be Thankful for

The nation’s turkey producers and consumers have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season—no bird flu.

Two More Arson Arrests

State authorities have announced the arrests of two more arsonist charged with the deliberate setting of wildfires.

Statement by Jeff Aiken, President, Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation, Regarding Election

Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation congratulates President-elect Donald Trump on his victory and those state leaders elected to serve in the 115th Congress and the 110th Tennessee General Assembly.

Can We Get Any Drier?

The dry conditions are continuing and unfortunately the latest winter forecast from USDA shows how the strengthening La Nina weather pattern might mean more...

Livestock and the Drought

Dr. Jason Smith, a UT Extension Beef Specialist says practically daily, he and other extension personnel are taking calls from livestock producers about the...

Ban on Burning Lifted on all Counties in Tennessee

With the entire state now in some state of drought, there are many concerns for farmers and all Tennesseans. Here are some resources for farmers and land owners to access information on the drought and how to address some of the issues.

Powder Dry

Critical conditions for wildfires for most of Tennessee so much so Division of Forestry officials are denying burn permits.

State Land Evaluation Contests Held

The Staet 4-H and FFA Land Evaluation contests were held recently at Tennessee Tech’s Hyder-Burks Pavilion in Cookeville and Watertown FFA won top honors...

TEMA activated TN Emergency Management Plan in response to drought and...

This evening the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) activated the Tennessee Emergency Management Plan (TEMP) in response to the drought and wildfire impacts, and continued threat, in the State.

Why Not Chocolate Milk?

No doubt one of my favorite drinks is chocolate milk.  And there’s no doubt why the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association decided a few...