2014 4-H Congress Officers Elected

Since its beginning in 1948, Congress has given more than 33,900 4-H’ers and volunteer leaders firsthand experience in state government. 4-H Congress is truly a citizenship experience. In addition to experiencing life in the state capital, 4-H members learn about civic engagement, including state government, service to others and the election process. At Congress 4-H members serve as a 4-H senator or representative and form a “junior” state Congress.

Each year one of the Congress highlights is the election of officers when delegates actually get to use voting machines to select their own State 4-H Congress Governor, Speaker of the Senate and Speaker of the House.  A regional caucus is held on Sunday night to nominate candidates to run for office. Following nominations, the election goes into full swing. Installation of the new officers is held at the final banquet on Tuesday night. This year’s elected officers were Governor – Tony Eskridge from Shelby County; Speaker of the Senate – Haile Adams from Warren County and Speaker of the House of Representatives – Andy Huffer from Moore County.

While in the state capitol, delegates to Tennessee 4-H Congress have the opportunity to sit in the seat of their elected officials to the state legislature and actually vote on a bill. They also have the opportunity to state their views and try to influence their peers regarding the bills introduced during the “Know Your Government” sessions of Congress.

Two 4-H senators who are senior Level I 4-H members (9-10th graders) may attend from each county.  4-H representatives, one senior Level I 4-H member representing each 1,700 or major fraction thereof of the total county enrollment and one senior Level I 4-H member for each 60 or major fraction thereof of the total county senior enrollment make up the remaining delegates.