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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Higher Beef Prices

Food shoppers can get ready to pay even more for beef this year. USDA’s Gary Crawford reports.

Farm Leaders Take Issues to the Hill

Farm Bureau leaders across the state are preparing to contact their lawmakers in Nashville and Washington on the issues that effect their livelihood.

Wildlife, Rural Landowner Partnership

The state’s diversity in wildlife is dependent on the partnership with farm and rural landowners.

Ag improvements in Afghanistan

Former Deputy Commissioner of Agriculture for the TN Department of Agriculture Louis Buck spent a year working for the Pentagon to improve the agricultural...

Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Farmer Member

Fentress County farmer Jim Bledsoe is now the farmer’s voice on the Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Efforts to get 4-H Camp back in West TN

It’s been over four years since the Milan 4-H Camp closed and now efforts are moving forward to bring a camp back to West...

Progress on Immigration Reform

Finally! Members of the Senate have moved immigration reform off the backburner. American Farm Bureau Labor Specialist Kristi Boswell explains why that’s so important...

TDEC’s New Focus

The TN Department of Environment and Conservation is working to have better relationships with other state departments and Tennessee citizens.

Poultry Industry’s Impact

Tennessee’s poultry industry has expanded in recent years to be valued at $4.8 billion and that’s helping family farms stay on the farm.

Groundhog’s Predictions

This year the groundhog did predict an early spring, but how accurate is the groundhog in predicting the weather. Gary Crawford has this report.

Farmer’s Voice in Congress

Tenn. and American farmers are continuing to push for a 5-year Farm Bill in Congress.

Young Farmers National Leadership Conference

About 800 Young Farmers from across the nation, including about 30 from Tennessee, recently took part in the American Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers &...

Harvest for All

Twenty-eight million meals were served in 2012 thanks to Farm Bureau families across the country who donated a record breaking amount of food, time...

Healthy Soils


Proposed Farm Cuts Would Hurt

American Farm Bureau’s Exec. Director of Public Policy says a new $110 billion fiscal policy proposal from Sen. Majority Leader HARRY REID will create much...

Food Check-Out Week

Farmers and ranchers in Tennessee and all across the country are paricipating in Food Check-Out Week (Feb. 17-23) to reach out in their communities...

Gov. Haslam Honors BSA

Gov. Bill Haslam was the keynote speaker for the Boy Scouts of America patron luncheon for the Duck River District.

National FFA Week

Tennessee state FFA officers have been traveling throughout the state on their Goodwill Tour during National FFA Week.

Balancing Extracurricular Activities for Youth

A child can be over committed in the number of extracurricular activities they participate in. USDA’s Rod Bain asks a child expert at the...

Farm Programs Targeted for Budget Cuts

The nation’s largest farm organization is all for greater fiscal responsibility, but American Farm Bureau Farm Policy Specialist Mary Kay Thatcher says farmers and...

Rep. DesJarlais on Farm Bill

Rep. Scott DesJarlais recently spoke to Tenn’s Young Farmers & Ranchers at their annual Tenn. Young Leaders Conference held with the Tenn. Council of...

‘Music City Miracle’ Call Transcends Sports

Tenn. Titan’s play-by-play announcer Mike Keith recently spoke to Tenn. Young Farmers & Ranchers attending their annual TN Young Leaders Conference in Franklin.

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