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91st Tennessee Farm Bureau Convention

Tennessee Farm Bureau leaders hold their business session and select a new vice president, at-large director.

New Farm Income Forecast for 2012

It looks like the U.S. farm sector’s income for this year may be less than some had been predicting. Gary Crawford has this report

Gov. Haslam Addresses Farm Leaders

Gov. Bill Haslam spoke to the voting delegates at the Tennessee Farm Bureau convention and told the group he wants to see the Ag...

Biofuels Important to Military

  The world’s biggest user of petroleum wants to diversify its fuel options. American Farm Bureau energy specialist Andrew Walmsley talks about why that’s good...

Mississippi River Vital to Economy


Holiday Traditions Offer Boost to Livestock Farmers

    Think about your favorite holiday traditions. There’s a good chance that at least one of them involves food. American Farm Bureau economist John...

Buying Local Year Round

Buying local isn’t just a seasonal thing. You can still purchase items at many local farmers markets or direct off the farm during cold...

Real Christmas Trees Gain Popularity

After a banner season in 2011, Christmas tree farmers are taking actions to help even more of us buy a real tree this year.

Pick TN Products for Christmas

  Christmas is upon us but it’s not too late to find that perfect gift straight from a Tennessee farm.

EPA Pledges no new Farm Dust Regulations

The EPA has kept its word about farm dust regulations. and that’s a big relief for a lot of farmers and ranchers. 

A Pretty Good Year for TN Christmas Tree Farmers

TN Christmas tree farmers have had a pretty good year so far with sales even though many are still feeling the effects fo the...

Winter Forecast

Farmers Almanac editor Pete Geiger gives his Winter and Spring weather predictions.

He’s Checking it Twice

It’s Christmas Eve and the legend makes another ride tonight…as he does, USDA’s Gary Crawford gives us a background check on Ole St. Nick.

Christmas on the Farm

Christmas is a special time for many folks, but especially for those on our farms across the state.

Looking back at TN Agriculture in 2012

As we begin to close out another year, we recently talked with Tennessee Commissioner of Agriculture Julius Johnson to get his reflections.

New Life for Your Christmas Tree

Even though Christmas is over, your Christmas tree still has a part to play in the environment.

Increases in Food Prices for 2013

The full impacts of the nation’s drought on food prices are expected to be felt in 2013. Rod Bain reports.

New Year’s on the Farm

Spending New Year’s on the farm is a special time but chores are still a priority.

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