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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Holiday Food Safety

When traveling this holiday season, plan ahead for perishable food safety with multiple coolers, ice, and gel packs.

Farmers Urging Congress to End Estate Taxes

Farmers in Tennessee and nationwide are hoping to end the federal inheritance tax, also known as the “death tax” on family-owned farms.

Record Net Farm Income Projected

Income prospects for the farm sector are looking much better than they did only six months ago. Gary Crawford has the latest USDA income...

West Nile Virus

The West Nile Virus outbreak is due in part to an increase in mosquitoes. USDA’S Rod Bain has the story.

Concerns Over Low Water on Mighty Mississippi

Low water levels on Mississippi River are slowing cargo up and down the nation’s most important waterway.

State’s Largest Classroom for Agriculture

The Tennessee State Fair is going on this week and the past several years it has been the site of the state’s largest Ag...

Farmers Rally for a Farm Bill Now

Grassroots was seen at its finest in our nation’s captiol recently when farmers from across the nation gathered to make sure their voices where...

National Farm Safety Week

Safety on the farm is important to everyone, and there are some basic steps you can do to ensure your farm is safe.

The Factors Behind Fall Color Change

Another change in the weather this week as we approach the beginning of fall…with that change come two factors that determine the leaves on...

Farmers Anticipate a Bumper Pumpkin Crop

There are already lots of decorations out for the fall harvest season and many U.S. pumpkin farmers are anticipating a bumper crop.

A Tip for Livestock Producers – Keep Good Records

Having accurate and timely records will be a great aid to livestock producers dealing with loss or challenge due to a natural disaster.

YF&R Fall Tour

The annual Young Farmers and Ranchers Fall Tour kicks off today in Greeneville, Tennessee where farmers from all over the state gather to learn...

Farm Bill On Hold Again

With Congress now adjourned until after the November elections, farmers are still hopeful they will pass a new Farm Bill in the ‘lame duck’...

Under Secretary Discusses Rural Water

USDA Under Secretary for Rural Development Dallas Tonsager attended the National Rural Water Association meeting in Nashville and talked about the importance of having...

Tennessee Association of Utility Districts

Bob Freudenthal, Exec. Director of the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts, talks about the importance of having and maintaining clean drinking water throughout the...

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