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Farmers vs. Hunger

Tennessee farmers come together to help provide meals for those in need in rural areas with food insecurity.  

Advice for filing Crop Insurance

Because of the potential crop loss due of this year’s drought, USDA gives advice to producers on crop insurance.

Goat Industry Continues Growth

Tennessee is the second-largest producer of meat goats in the nation, and now many farmers are starting to raise their own flocks of goats....

Irrigated Acres Increase

Although irrigation is expensive, this year’s drought reminded farmers of the long-term benefits and worthwhile end result of having an irrigation system.

Farm Bill Outlook

Before they went home for their August recess, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on Disaster Assistance for livestock producers. American Farm Bureau Policy...

Farmers Getting Their Message Out

With Congress now into their August Recess, Tennessee and American famers are hoping to get a message to lawmakers that they need a Farm...

72nd TN Farm Bureau Presidents Conference

Farmers across the state gathered in Middle Tennessee to get updated on current farm issues and networking with others with similar interests.

Early Harvest

Harvest of this year’s crop has already begun in West Tennessee, earlier than anyone can ever remember.

Farm Safety During Harvest Season

As you travel the roadways of Tennessee this fall season, beware of tractors and combines who will be sharing the road with you on...

Agriculture and the Environment Go Hand-in-Hand

Farms are some of the most environmentally friendly people you will ever meet, making their land and surroundings better for generations to come.

Rural Coops an Important Part of Our Nation

Coops are in integral part of rural America, and as a farmer, it’s becoming more important than ever to stay active in your local...

Farm Voices Need to be Heard this Election Season

Primaries are through in the state and election campagins are heating up for that all important November election day – and the farmers voice...

Drought Hurting Barge Traffic

  The current drought is affecting some of the nation’s major waterways, like the Mississippi river, which are used heavily for agricultural import and...

Changes in School Meals

  Students heading to school this fall will see menu changes in the cafeteria, due to new government guidelines for nutrition in schools. Some...

Drought Relief Assistance from NRCS

  With the effects of this year’s drought, west Tennessee is receiving much-needed help from the NRCS. The organization is providing $16 million in...

Growth of TN Sheep Industry

In the past few years, the TN sheep industry has taken off, with no sign of declining any time soon.

Black Vultures Serious Threat to Livestock

Aggressive black vultures that hunt on calves are becoming a major problem for Tennessee’s livestock producers.

Concerns Over New School Lunch Menu

The new maximum calorie requirements in the school lunch program are leaving some kids hungry, specifically junior high and high schoolers who are active...

Farmers Almanac Weather Predictions

The most recent edition of the Farmers Almanac predicts this year’s winter will be wet and chilly with a possible frost before Christmas and...

MTSU’s Ag Program Still Growing

Genuine interest and diversity of careers in the agribusiness industry are helping to boost MTSU’s agriculture program, along with university investments like new dairy...

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