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Tennessee Home & Farm Radio is a two-minute agricultural highlight with co-hosts Lee Maddox and Melissa Burniston Bratton. Radio programs mostly focus on Tennessee agriculture and rural life with some national scope thrown in to keep everyone informed. Maddox is a native of Lincoln County, Tennessee, where he was raised on a cattle farm, and he is a graduate of MTSU’s communications department. Bratton hails from Johnson County, Tennessee, where her family has a nursery and landscaping business, and she graduated from Tennessee Tech University with a double major in agricultural education and communications.

Transform Purpose to Action

A sea of "Blue Jackets" has taken over the convention center in downtown Indianapolis for the 89th National FFA Convention and Expo.

Tennessee’s Sunbelt Ag Expo Farmer of the Year

Earlier this year, as a result of his success as a row crop and beef cattle producer, James Haskew was selected as the state...

Dry Conditions Causing Big Problems

A lot of concern growing now over the dry conditions across the state because the lack of pastures for livestock and producers already feeding...

The Benefits of Cover Crops

Tennessee State Conservationist Kevin Brown says there's no doubt cover crops help the farmer, the environment and all of us.

Building a Stronger Rural Tennessee

This week after nearly a year in the making, the Governor’s Rural Task Force released its strategic plan to advance rural communities and economic...

Ag in the Classroom’s Importance

Ag leaders from across the state were in Columbia this week as part of the Tenn. Ag in the Classroom Advisory Council to review...

Tenn. Ag Leadership Forum

Individuals from across the state involved in all aspects of agriculture gathered recently in Murfreesboro for the Tennessee Agriculture Leadership Forum sponsored by Farm...

Fall Tour

Each Fall the Tennessee Young Farmers and Ranchers tour a different region of the state during harvest season and this year's tour was in...

Corn’s Role in Sustainability

Green Plains Ethanol plant in Obion County is grinding about 40 million bushels of corn each year and producing about 100 million gallons of...

Matthew’s Wake

There could be some significant impacts to agriculture in the path of hurricane Matthew.

Growing Bioplastics

32-year old Tony Bova and partner Jeff Beegle have an upstart company called Grow Bioplastics in Knoxville, and they have been announced as one...

Farm Bill Working for America

Whether you live on the farm or in the city, the next Farm Bill debated in Congress should be of concern.

The Perfect Jobs


Survey Shows Lower Prices for Staple Food Items

One of the biggest predators to Tennessee's livestock producers is the black vulture.S

Waivers to FAA Drone Rule

A new rule for unmanned aerial system use includes waivers and exemptions.

Learning on the Job

Dr. Tim Cross is now the Interim Chancellor of the University of Tennessee's Institute of Agriculture.

UT Ag Meritorious Service Awards

Julius Johnson and Lacy Upchurch were honored at UT's Ag Day with the Meritorious Service Award.

Report Shows Need for Congressional Action on WOTUS

The American Farm Bureau Federation says a Senate report just released highlights the need for Congress to intervene regarding the Waters of the U.S. rule.

Learning from the Source

Rep. Diane Black of Tennessee's 6th Congressional District continues to make it a priority to meet with and listen to the farmers she represents...

Ag Lab Success

Students at Jere Whitson Elementary School in Cookeville are reaping the benefits of their Ag Lab.

Safety on the Farm

Its National Farm Safety and Health Week and Tennessee Commissioners of Agriculture and Health are reminding all Tennesseans that this time of year is...

Time to Push TPP

A top U.S. trade official says now is the time for farmers to press their lawmakers to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement

Farm Safety: A Legacy to be Proud Of

This week we are celebrating National Farm Safety and Health Week, but even though this is the week we recognize it, safety is something...

Safety First on the Farm

National Farm Safety And Health Week is next week and it covers ways ag producers can protect their greatest legacies - their health and...

Celebrity Milking Contest

The Tennessee State Fair Celebrity Milking contest was held this week at the fair as the team of NewsChannel 5's Cary Clark and State...

3000 Attend AITC Event

The Tenn. State Fair once again hosted what's considered as the largest one-day event for a Farm Day for Ag in the Classroom.

Blue Ribbon Hams for FFA

The top two winning Country Hams were auctioned off for $4600 and $4400 respectfully during the Tennessee State Fair to benefit Tennessee FFA.

Grill-Off for Ag

Scott Couch and Stacy Case with FOX 17 TV in Nashville took home the "Champion of Champions" trophy at the Hamburger Grill-Off at the State...

A Tennessee Tradition

The excitement for the young and old is always evident at the state fair.  And the tradition continues again as the fair opens the...

Corn Harvest in Full Swing

While the sun shines, Tennessee farmers have been taking full advantage of the dry conditions to harvest their corn crop.

Ag Land Tenure and Transition

Land tenure and transition issues grow as the number of senior producers increase and more new farmers wish to enter the business.

Unifying and Amplifying Ag’s Voice

American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall was recently in Tennessee to hear from farmers about the challenges they face.

A Safer Cookout

It's almost criminal the number of food related illness cases that come from Labor Day weekend picnics and cookouts.

Let ’em Walk

The excitement is building in Shelbyville, TN as tomorrow night the 2016 Tennessee Walking Horse World Grand Champion will be named.

Secure and Reform

Immigration reform and securing the border has been a priority issue for farmers all across the country for some time, and perhaps no where...

Chancellor Arrington Retires

Chancellor of the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture Larry Arrington's last day is today, August 31.

USDA Promotes STEM Interest and Opportunity

A top USDA science official believes students need to know anything is possible with a science, tech, engineering or math career.

Farm Organizations in Together

Farm Credit of Mid America CEO Bill Johnson recently spoke to Farm Bureau leaders gathered for their 76th Presidents Conference in Franklin and one...

Discovering the Forest is not just for Kids

The latest public service campaign to promote forest activity focuses on family adventures, both at National Forests and local parks.

A Nemesis to Livestock Farmers and the Public

One of the biggest predators for Tennessee's livestock industry is the black vulture.

Dairy Farmers Seeking Assistance from USDA

The American Farm Bureau Federation is supporting a coalition of lawmakers seeking assistance for U.S. dairy farmers.

Back at Home

Loudon County dairy Farmer Ryan Bright is feeling a lot better than he was six months ago.  That's when an early morning fire basically...

Deep Space Farming

A university and private company are joining forces to help NASA solve a challenge of deep space travel - a fresh food supply.

Plan Your Day Around the Farmers Almanac

Farmers Almanac editor Pete Geiger talks about the upcoming winter weather forecasty that the 200-Year-old publication is predicting for the Volunteer State.

Harvest Season is Here

West Tenn. row crop farmers are quickly turning their attention to the harvest season and first up is corn.

Ag Students and UAV’s

The sky's the limit for ag students learning about UAV's at UT Martin.

August Crop Production Report

USDA's August crop production report has a few surprises nationally, cotton rebounds in the Volunteer state.

Trade’s Impact

Johnathan Cordone is USDA"s Under Secretary for Farm & Foreighn Relations and he recently updated Tenn. Farm Bureau leaders on the importance of global trade.

TFBF Presidents Conference

Senator Bob Corker among others highlight the 76th Annual Tennessee Farm Bureau Presidents Conference.

Farmers Believe in GMO’s

As Tennessee farmers put their hopes on a good growing season for their crops like corn and soybeans, they’re hoping the rest of the general public will start to understand why GMOs are so important for all of us.

Cover Crops

More and more experts are promoting the use of cover crops, but why are so few farmers using them?

Brazilian Farmers Learning From Tenn. Farmers

While athletes from around the world are gathered in Rio for the Olympics, a few Brazilian farmers have been in West Tennessee visiting farmers there and learning more about soybeans, corn and cotton.

National Farmers Market Week

As summer comes to a close for many, Tennessee farmers want everyone to know it's actually the prime month of the growing season. That's...

Immigration Reform Critical to Farmers

The "Reason for Reform" Campaign highlights agriculture's need for immigration reform. American Farm Bureau's Micheal Clements has the story.

A Good Fruit Crop

University of Tennessee Extension Fruit Specialist, Dr. David Lockwood, says for most of Tennessee this year has been a better than average year for...

Aligning the Herd

Cattle producers who are members of the Tennessee Beef Alliance just held their August sale and by all accounts, another success.

No-till Shines Once Again

Curtis Halford, Chairman of the Tennessee House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, was one of the 2,000 attendees at the Milan No-Till Field Day....

First-Hand Assessment of Crop Insurance

Farmers here in Tennessee and around the country are weighing in on the benefits of crop insurance.

Representing Farmers in Washington

Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District stretches from Chattanooga to LaFollette, and Representative Chuck Fleischmann says its important for him to hear directly from farmers about...

Rural Votes Count

With the 2016 political season now ready to further escalate into the primary elections and then the general election, the American Farm Bureau has...

Representative Black Depends on Farmers

Representative Diane Black, who represents the state's 6th Congressional District, recently met with Farm Bureau Leaders in Lebanon to discuss the issues.

Young Farmer Success

Jay and Alice Ann Yeargin have been named the Tennessee Farm Bureau’s Young Farmer and Rancher Achievement award winners for 2016.

Farmers Outreach

Young Farmers gathered this past weekend for the Tennessee Farm Bureau’s Young Farmer Summer Conference in Columbia. They participated in a service project with...

Governors School for the Ag Sciences

The Tennessee Governors School for the Agricultural Sciences has ended for the summer, but the students who attended were definitely challenged and changed.

A Passion for Farming

Farming gets in your blood and there’s no better way to describe that passion for Tennessee Young Farmers & Ranchers.

Farmers Believe in GMOs

As Tennessee farmers put their hopes on a good growing season for their crops like corn and soybeans, they're hoping the rest of the...

Leadership Training Camp

State FFA President Makenzie Clark is one of the hosts of FFA camp this summer as she and her state officer team are leading...

Miss America Visits a TN Farm

Recently Miss America teamed up with the American Farm Bureau and their book First Peas to the Table.  

A Family Affair

On her last Junior Beef Expo, Loudon County’s Emily Ivey captured the prize that she’s worked so hard for, the Supreme Champion Heifer.

It’s Cattle Show Time

The Tennessee Junior Beef Expo is winding down after a successful week for many 4-H and FFA members.

The Same but Different

Farmers across Tennessee weighing in on how the rain has or has not hit their farms so far this season.  

Labeling Law on the Horizon

What is the current status of a new labeling law for genetically engineered food products?

Commissioner Templeton Meets with Farmers

Commissioner of Agriculture, Jai Templeton, recently met with farmers in East Tennessee to discuss agricultural issues facing the region.

Economic Analysis for the Future

Dr. Aaron Smith, Professor at the University of Tennessee shares about a study him and his students are completing for East Tennessee agriculture.


The Tennessee Go FFA program has been thriving for the past several years, allowing high school FFA members the chance to experience agriculture outside...

Ag at the Voting Polls

As the upcoming election approaches, it's time to be thinking about what candidate has agriculture best in mind. State Representative Sabi' Kumar shares more...

Happy Fourth of July

The American Farm Bureau Federation's annual summer cookout survey finds popular food items remain priced near last year's levels.

The Push for TPP

USDA acting Deputy Secretary Michael Scuse met with farmers and other business leaders to discuss the administration's position and the benefits of passage of...

A Legend and Her Legacy

Pat Summitt will forever be remembered as one of the greatest coaches of all time. After winning her 8th National Championship in 2008, we...

Tobacco, Beef and More

The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture hosted the Tobacco, Beef and More Field Day at the Highland Rim AgResearch and Education Center.  

The Boys of Summer

The 3rd Annual Ag Night at the Chattanooga Lookouts Baseball Game was recently held where folks received information on our most important industry. TN's...

GMOs not OMG

Monsanto's Global Consumer Engagement Lead Holly Butka shared with leaders at the Farm Bureau Women Conference about the common misconceptions of genetically modified crops...

First Hand Knowledge

It's not every day you see nutritionists and dieticians riding in a combine, harvesting wheat, but that's exactly what a few did recently on...

Why is Agriculture Important

Why is agriculture important was the topic for the TN Farm Bureau Women Ag in the Classroom essay contest this year and Grace Ann...

Working to Improve Pollinator Health

There is no doubt one of our most important insects that many of us take for granted is the honey bee. Micheal Clements of...

Dry Start to Summer

Farmers here in Tennessee are blessed to have above average rainfall, at least compared to our friends to the west.

Down to the Wire

With the July 1st implementation blooming of the Vermont law on GMO labeling, the US Senate is down to the wire in hopes of...

Breaking Stereotypes

Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell recently visited a Tennessee farm where she addressed not only her platform of healthy children, strong America, but also...

TN FFA Star Tour

For the second year, Tennessee has taken their five FFA Stars on a week-long tour of Tennessee Agribusinesses and chapters to showcase the Supervised...

June Dairy Month Chairs Highlight Dairy in Their Communities

June is dairy month and almost every county in Tennessee elects a June Dairy Month Chairman to help spread the word during June.

Less Drought, Better Conditions for Crops and Livestock

The shrinking area of US drought coverage is best highlighted by how crops this year - from winter wheat to hay - are doing...

National Leadership Forum

Each year Tennessee Farm Bureau sponsors student leaders from across the state to attend Harding University's National Leadership Forum and Jackson Gravitt was one...

Lots of Great Ways to Celebrate the Outdoors

There are several activities and events planned for National Great Outdoors Month and many ways for you to take part.

Passion for Dairy

Recently at the June Dairy Month Kickoff the American Dairy Association named Julie Walker the Dairy Promoter of the Year.

June Dairy Month

June is dairy month and all month long we will be highlighting the state's dairy farmers and the importance of getting dairy in your...

Tennessee 4-H Tours the State

TN 4-H Extension Specialist Justin Crowe traveled with this premier 4-H Ambassador group this summer across the state on a tour visiting agricultural stakeholders.

A June Dairy Celebration

Loudon County Dairy Farmer Randy Davis serves as president of the American Dairy Association of Tennessee, and they sponsored a kickoff luncheon in Nashville...

Dry Conditions Hurting Farmers

Farmers in southern Middle Tennessee and along the southeastern counties have been extremely dry for the past several weeks.  

Milk Production Continues to Increase

The nation's dairy producers continue to boost production, even though prices are falling. USDA's Gary Crawford has more.

Safety Comes First

Robertson County Farmer, Buddy Bryant, says highway safety must be a top priority for both farmers driving their farm equipment and those they are trying to...

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