Tennessee Home & Farm Radio

Tennessee Home & Farm Radio

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Tennessee Home & Farm Radio is a two-minute agricultural highlight with co-hosts Lee Maddox and Melissa Burniston Bratton. Radio programs mostly focus on Tennessee agriculture and rural life with some national scope thrown in to keep everyone informed. Maddox is a native of Lincoln County, Tennessee, where he was raised on a cattle farm, and he is a graduate of MTSU’s communications department. Bratton hails from Johnson County, Tennessee, where her family has a nursery and landscaping business, and she graduated from Tennessee Tech University with a double major in agricultural education and communications.

Increasing Concern over Black Vultures

One of the biggest predators for Tennessee's livestock industry is the black vulture.

Dairy Farmers Seeking Assistance from USDA

The American Farm Bureau Federation is supporting a coalition of lawmakers seeking assistance for U.S. dairy farmers.

Back at Home

Loudon County dairy Farmer Ryan Bright is feeling a lot better than he was six months ago.  That's when an early morning fire basically...

Deep Space Farming

A university and private company are joining forces to help NASA solve a challenge of deep space travel - a fresh food supply.

Plan Your Day Around the Farmers Almanac

Farmers Almanac editor Pete Geiger talks about the upcoming winter weather forecasty that the 200-Year-old publication is predicting for the Volunteer State.

Harvest Season is Here

West Tenn. row crop farmers are quickly turning their attention to the harvest season and first up is corn.

Ag Students and UAV’s

The sky's the limit for ag students learning about UAV's at UT Martin.

August Crop Production Report

USDA's August crop production report has a few surprises nationally, cotton rebounds in the Volunteer state.

Trade’s Impact

Johnathan Cordone is USDA"s Under Secretary for Farm & Foreighn Relations and he recently updated Tenn. Farm Bureau leaders on the importance of global trade.

TFBF Presidents Conference

Senator Bob Corker among others highlight the 76th Annual Tennessee Farm Bureau Presidents Conference.

Farmers Believe in GMO’s

As Tennessee farmers put their hopes on a good growing season for their crops like corn and soybeans, they’re hoping the rest of the general public will start to understand why GMOs are so important for all of us.

Cover Crops

More and more experts are promoting the use of cover crops, but why are so few farmers using them?