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Lee Maddox
Lee Maddox

Tennessee Home & Farm Radio is a two-minute agricultural highlight with co-hosts Lee Maddox and Melissa Burniston. Radio programs mostly focus on Tennessee agriculture and rural life with some national scope thrown in to keep everyone informed. Maddox is a native of Lincoln County, Tennessee, where he was raised on a cattle farm, and he is a graduate of MTSU’s communications department. Burniston hails from Johnson County, Tennessee, where her family has a nursery and landscaping business, and she graduated from Tennessee Tech University with a double major in agricultural education and communications.

Melissa Burniston
Melissa Burniston

Record Setting Crops

07/07/2014 | Length: 2:03 min

After last years bumper crops, many farmers have been questioning if this year will up to expectations.


Summer Picnic for 10 Still Under $6 Per Person

07/04/2014 | Length: 2:03 min

Summer is upon us and the American Farm Bureau Federation has released its second annual July Fourth Picnic Survey results


Generations of Farming

07/03/2014 | Length: 2:03 min

Lawrence County farmer Jason Robbins hopes his three sons take over the family farm.


USDA Planting Report Surprise

07/02/2014 | Length: 2:03 min

A USDA report shows growers of one particular commodity have planted far more acres to it than most people expected.


Getting The Story Out There

07/01/2014 | Length: 2:03 min

New York Correspondant Ron Nixon is working to educate his readers about why agriculture is important.


Starting from Scratch

06/30/2014 | Length: 2:03 min

Smith County young farmer Kyle Owens began his farm from nothing in 2005, growing 35 acres of tobacco, and now raises more than 2000 acres of row crops.


YF Program Trains Leaders

06/27/2014 | Length: 2:03 min

The Tennessee Young Farmers and Ranchers program is dedicated to teaching farmers between 18-35 how to be the leadership of not only the future...but now.


What is a Farmer?

06/26/2014 | Length: 2:03 min

The Tennessee Farm Bureau Women's Leadership Organization recently held an essay contest for 7th graders across the state entitled "What is a Farmer?" and the winner was Jarrod Horner from McNairy County.


Bright future for agriculture

06/24/2014 | Length: 2:03 min

Tennessee agriculutre is diverse across the state, from one end to the other you have a wide array of operations, but challenges are something every farmers faces.


Politics of Food

06/23/2014 | Length: 2:03 min

Agriculture has a lot to be proud of regarding production of food, according to one ag economics professor.