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Seed Survivor

Seed Survivor Mobile is a plant nutrient classroom on wheels. Students spend half of the one hour presentation outside of the unit in a...

Mobile Dairy Classroom

The Mobile Dairy Classroom features an operational milking parlor with a live cow. A trained instructor gives an oral presentation and a milking demonstration...

Ag in the Classroom Golf Tournament

The Farmers Open Golf Classic is an important fundraiser for the Agriculture in the Classroom program of the Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation. Held each...
Nine Billion Changes Everything

Nine Billion Changes Everything

Read Tennessee Ag in the Classroom's Nine Billion Changes Everything about how farmers will need to feed the growing global population.

Alphabet Soup

Read Tennessee Ag in the Classroom's Alphabet Soup booklet.
TN AITC tractor simulator

Tractor Simulator

The mobile AgSimulator lets people experience the feel of a real harvester cab while true ag facts and harvest simulations play. The AgSimulator is available on a limited basis to county Farm Bureau volunteer groups who agree to transport and care for the 16-foot trailer unit. Request to have the AgSimulator at your event by completing this form.

Summer Internship Program

The Farm Bureau Summer Intern Program is available to Juniors and Seniors enrolled in one of the following universities:  The University of Tennessee at...
tn ag in the classroom

Donate to Ag in the Classroom

The Tennessee Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom works every day to give our young people an awareness of the vital role agriculture plays...
teacher workshop

Ag in the Classroom Teacher Workshops

This workshop is a one-day, informal training seminar. You can select to attend a site that is close to where you live. By using...
aitc garden grants

Grants & Tours

The Tennessee Farm Bureau wants to help teachers present agriculture curriculum to our state's students. We invite you to apply for the grants and...
Teacher Workshops

Teacher Resources & Workshop Information

Thank you for your interest in agricultural literacy and coordinating agricultural education materials provided through the Tennessee Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom. The...

Teacher Lesson Plans & Resources

Download the Teacher Resource Guide Find grade-appropriate lesson plans in a variety of subjects. In addition, download Songs for Pre-school Students, Alphabet Soup Lesson Plans for...
ag literacy library

Literacy Library

Discover recommended books on agricultural topics and check out the accompanying activity suggestions. Recommended Book List HIGHLIGHTED BOOKS Dairy Activity Sheet Pigs Activity Sheet Cotton Activity Sheet Pumpkin Activity Sheet
Excellence in Teaching

Excellence in Teaching

Reinhardt Teacher Scholarships The National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference Educator Scholarship program is to provide travel expense funds to educators employed by a school...
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AITC Donor Report

Thanks to our sponsors who have donated recently - you give our volunteers and teachers the tools to reach people about agriculture across the...