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Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation works to represent and strengthen our state in all commodity related areas in order to improve net farm income and assist Tennessee farmers with issues that affect their livelihood. Equally important is the promotion and marketing of Tennessee's commodities.

Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation has 10 Commodity Advisory Committees that represent the diverse commodities in our state. The volunteers who serve on these Committees help advise our organization in the areas of their expertise.

From helping our farm members market grain to having direct input on legislative issues; we are dedicated to creating a better and broader agriculture industry in Tennessee.

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Commodity Committees

Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation has 12 volunteer-based Commodity Advisory Committees that provide assistance in the development and implementation of Tennessee Farm Bureau policy. These committees represent a cross section of commodities and are a testament to Tennessee's diverse agriculture industry. View Public Policy commodity committees

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Humane Handling

The Tennessee Farm Bureau provides members with information regarding the humane handling of animals at harvest. The Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation (TFBF) and the industry unequivocally support the humane slaughter of animals in the food chain process.
Also in this section: Information about dead animal disposal regulations.

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Tennessee Dairy Producers Association

The Tennessee Dairy Producer Association was an effort by dairy producer leadership to form a dairy commodity association. A steering committee has initiated the necessary articles of incorporation and by-laws. Learn more about the charter, by-laws and how you can sign up for membership.

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Agriculture Websites & Resources

Find links to a variety of websites that focus on agriculture information and issues. This section includes links to sites with information ranging from biofuel to animal and crop production.

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hay in Tennessee

Hay Directory & Information

Need information about hay? Check out the Tennessee Farm Bureau's Hay Directory. The Farm Bureau also provides information about transporting hay and other resources.

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